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Vendor Information


The Islamabad Farmer’s Market was established in 2013 and is always growing. It is held on a weekly basis every Saturday at Hotel Margala off Srinagar Highway (hours vary by season). It offers a showcase of local/organic food and fresh products to a wide range of very demanding local and international guests. We seek quality vendors that will abide by a strict code of conduct and provide our guests with the greatest experience at and after the market. To qualify, a vendor must:

  • Go through the entire registration and quality assessment process which may include an onsite visit if required.

  • Only sell Pakistani products preferably from the Islamabad region (No imports)

  • Be solely responsible for the organic and sustainability practices of ALL products sold. Table sharing is not allowed.

  • Direct source (not a reseller), Organic (as per international standards)

  • Respect the market code of conduct, as described in a contract to be signed upon vendor approval. Failure to follow the prescribed practices could result in removal from the market.

  • Be free of any single use plastic packaging

  • Be regular and punctual

  • Willing to pay the RS2000 fee per WEEK per table

How to apply?

Completely fill-up the online application and quality assessment form. The information collected will remain confidential and will only be used by the Islamabad Farmer’s Market to evaluate your application as a vendor. It will not be shared with anyone outside the organization.

We will collect an application fee of RS 1100 online or via bank transfer to a Standard Chartered account. The market administrator will be able to answer any additional questions you might have (See contact info). You will receive an acknowledgement of receipt within two days from application.

How quickly will you know if you have been accepted?

The Islamabad Farmers’ Market is in extremely high demand but has a limited amount of vendor tables. New vendor applications are reviewed monthly by a selection committee. Rejected vendors will be notified immediately. Vendor approval might require an assessment visit which will be charged at Rs1000/hour including transport time. Approved vendors will be notified the next table availability which will be awarded based on the vendor’s quality rating and application date.

If you need more information or have questions,
please contact us.